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NCC News at 4PM: Checking in with the TSA

June 21st is the official first day of summer.  It’s also the day that the TSA chose to make a stop at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport.  The organization is expecting this summer traveling season to be one of the busiest in years.

To help make things easier for passengers and airport staff, TSA representatives gave a demonstration today on which items you’ll want to check, carry-on, or leave at home all together.

“They are responsible of the safety of millions of passengers traveling throughout the country and the world,” Syracuse Airport Executive Director Christina Callahan said.

With that significant responsibility in mind, it’s understandable that the organization took the extra effort to point out the “dos and don’ts” of airport etiquette.

If you want to know which items you should check or carry-on, Jacqueline Mundry will have all the details coming up on the NCC News 4:00 Report.  You can also log on later to NCC News Online for the full story.