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Gannon’s Ice Cream Isle, A Syracuse Tradition

(C)2017 Wilenie Sepulveda

By Wilenie Sepúlveda Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)The International Dairy Products Association says that summer is the unchallenged season for the ice cream industry and June the highest production month of the year. Gannon’s Ice Cream Isle has been in Syracuse for 35 years and its owner agrees.

“In the summer we usually make it [the ice cream] six days a week and sometimes on Sundays we have to run a couple of batches,” Eileen Gannon said.

Gannon says some of the favorite flavors among costumers are Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Milky Way.

Don Cornell, a customer for over 30 years, said that he goes to buy ice-cream at least once a week.

“I switch between flavors every time, but my absolute favorite is Orange-Pineapple,”Cornell said.

There are four Gannon’s locations in Syracuse including:

  • 1525 Valley Drive
  • 4800 McDonald Road #6
  • 401 South Salina Street
  • 9090 Destiny USA Dr.



This week they are hosting Tips for Tess an annual event where employees donate their tips to fight Cystic Fibrosis.

Gannon's original location at Valley Drive (C) 2017 Wilenie Sepulveda