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Are Syracuse’s New Cameras Worth the Cost?

(c) 2017 Kristen Edwards

Mayor Stephanie Miner announced Tuesday that the city has invested in new security cameras, as well as increased patrolling, in downtown Syracuse.

The improved security measures, as well as some city maintenance, adds up to $213,000 on the city’s dime, but not from the taxpayers’ pockets.

Miner said that with new residential buildings popping up, the city is now on security alert 24/7.

New patrol shifts will extend later into weeknights and increase weekend hours as well.

While some people are in favor of the tightened security, others find it unnecessary.

“Some people might want it but, I don’t personally feel its necessary,” said Zachary Sundman, who lives and works in Syracuse. “I’ve never felt unsafe here.”

“Making people feel comfortable when they’re coming out of the landmark, coming from a show… that’s important,” said Honora Spillane, who works for the Syracuse Industrial Development Agency.

The Syracuse Police Department is still finalizing the locations of some of the new cameras.