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Local Children Sponsored for Camp in Adirondaks

By Kristen Edwards SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Generous sponsors have allowed three Lyncourt School seventh graders to attend sleep away camp in the Adirondaks this summer.

The camp is called Naturalmente. It runs August 20-25th and focuses on learning more about science and Spanish. It is hosted by the Interact Language Center, where one of the sponsors learned of the camp. While attending a Spanish class, Dr. Jumbelic heard the story of Abishek Dhakal and how he wanted to go to camp, but couldn’t afford it.

Abishek is an aspiring doctor, so Dr. Jumbelic said she was happy to support his dream of entering her profession. She paid the entire cost of the camp for Abishek, but not before meeting him.

During the meeting she learned that Abishek was born in Nepal and immigrated to the US as a toddler. After meeting Abishek, she was inspired by his character.

“Seeing his resilience and how he has come from a culture that’s so very different than here in America, and that he’s mature and hes engaged, it was very inspiring to meet him. I’m hoping he’s going to feel inspired because he’s going to the camp and that’s going to be a new experience for him. I’m also inspired because of his strength and resiliency,” Dr. Jumbelic said.

Abishek’s two best friends will also be sponsored to attend Naturalmente.