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Goats with a Purpose

By Bridget Chavez BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Purpose Farm connects children who have been neglected or abused with animals from similar circumstances. The farm is run by Sandra Seabrook and has been up and running since 2009.

“The kids go from no emotions to blossoming and caring for their siblings,” Seabrook said. The farm helps children ages 6-18.

“They each do a chore and choose an animal to work with,” she said. Seabrook runs the farm with her daughter and husband. She said it takes a lot to run the farm so they’re trying something new to raise funds.

Goat yoga classes will begin at the farm starting June 17.

“We sold out in the first 30 minutes,” Seabrook said. The classes are sold out through July but they have openings through August.

“It’s just the atmosphere and being with the animals,” Seabrook said. “They’re very well-tempered goats.”

All of the profits from the classes will go to rehabilitating and rescuing more animals for the farm.