Syracuse Celebrates U.S. Army’s 242th Birthday

Syracuse, N.Y. — Today marks the 242nd anniversary of the U.S. Army and a small group of people of gathered in Clinton Square today to celebrate.

A few dozen veterans, active military members and civilians sat under a couple of tents on the warm spring day, listening as Lieutenant Colonel Scott E. Holden vibrantly talked about the Army’s history.

In 1775, there had already been small militia groups fighting for the safety of the 13 colonies. But, on June 14 of that year, the Second Continental Congress voted to adopt an official army, comprised of those fighters, in preparation for a British invasion what would end up being the American Revolution.

“Today, that force has been trained into the best trained, best lead and best force in the world,” Holden said, nearing the end of his speech.

242 years after its adoption, the Syracuse Recruiting Battalion celebrated that day in history by cutting a “birthday cake” and inviting guest speakers, one of which was Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler.

One of the Amy’s best traits, Fower said in his speech, is being able to instill core values into its men and women so they thrive in the workplace when they return home.

“The Army is the reason why I am able to stand here today in a police officer’s uniform,” Fowler said. He served in the Army for three years, spending some time stationed at Fort Drum.