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DUI Checkpoints Increase Over Holiday Weekend

(c) 2017 Aubrie Tolliver

SYRACUSE, N.Y.— Local and state police increased patrols cracking down on drunk driving over the holiday weekend, and that included sobriety checkpoints.

While many may think officers can’t pull people over without probable cause, the Supreme Court changed the law in the 90s.

As long as every car is pulled over, according to DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado, DUI checkpoints are perfectly legal, and a useful way to crack down on drunk driving.

“It provides us the opportunity to stop cars,” Maldonado said. “You know it’s not a random stop. When you do a checkpoint you’ve got to stop every car.”

Maldonado said checkpoints not only catch more drunk drivers, but are also a great “preventative measure” by deterring potential drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

“They know that the law enforcement agency is out there and there might be a checkpoint,” Maldonado said.

A list of DUI checkpoint locations can be found here.