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Baby Care Centers at NYSF

©2017 Courtsey of NYSF showing the design of the new centers.

NYSF Baby Centers for 2017 Event

The New York State Fair is building four baby care centers for their complex for anyone to use to help care for their children with changing diapers, cleaning, relaxing, and nursing.

By Madelyn Urabe SYRACUSE, N. Y. (NCC News) — The New York State Fair will have baby care centers built throughout the fair complex for this upcoming summer event. There are four centers in total. The building’s exterior were delivered to the fair grounds late last week, according to a New York State Fair spokesman. The Amish Structures company in Manlius built the structure’s frame and NYSF carpenters will build the interior. The structure is 20 feet long.

The interior of the centers will have two separate areas and will be air-conditioned. One part of the center will be a private space where mothers can breastfeed their young children while the other part will be open to anyone who needs to care for a young child. Such needs could include changing diapers, cleaning children, or relaxing.

“The whole idea is these centers will be a flexible enough space for nursing mothers and parents or guardians to feel comfortable using them,” said Bullard.

NYSF employees will supervise the baby care centers.

Dave Bullard, a spokesman from NYSF, said the building of the centers comes after Governor Cuomo provided extra funding to help revitalize the state fair while the idea came¬†after fair goer’s feedback. Feedback comes from Facebook, letters, emails, and calls.

“One of the common areas for request for help includes those about children. Nursing mothers in particular wanted a private, safe, and calm place to be able to nurse their children. Also, families wanted a good, clean, well lit, safe place to execute basic maintenance tasks with their children. Building these buildings help solve this problem,” said Bullard.

Bullard said because the NYSF buildings are over 100 years old, the best option for building these care centers was to build custom structures from scratch as opposed to renovating bathrooms.

“We looked at other fairs to see what they were doing, but those solutions were not applicable to our situation because they did not have buildings as old as ours. So we had to find something else,” Bullard added.