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International Women’s Day Rally Coming to Syracuse University

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International Women's Day Rally Coming to Syracuse

Co-organizer Alexis Rinck discusses why the Coalition of Justice is hosting a rally on International Women's Day at Syracuse University. Rinck also explains why the rally will highlight the call for SU to become a sanctuary campus.

By Madelyn Urabe SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Wednesday is International Women’s Day. Across the globe, demonstrations, rallies, and strikes will be held to create awareness for international women’s rights. Here at Syracuse University, the Coalition for Justice organization will be holding a rally on the quad on Wednesday afternoon. The rally will allow students, and those in the Syracuse community, to share their thoughts on the subject. In the past, the holiday has been used as a platform to highlight justice for women and recognizing that women, internationally, do not have as many rights as men do.

Coalition for Justice has also coordinated rallies and demonstrations for other controversial issues like Syracuse University not being a sanctuary campus.


Co-organizer of  the Coalition for Justice and the Syracuse University rally, Alexis Rinck, said, “the aims of the women’s strike very much coalesce and align with what we are trying to do with sanctuary campus, particularly protecting those marginalized identities, women, making this a safer space. We thought because of that it would be appropriate to do them both together.”

The rally being organized by Coalition for Justice is set to not only support the Women’s strike and International Women’s Day, but also “work on establishing this as a sanctuary campus, but expanding what sanctuary means so the campus can be more inclusive and a safer space for marginalized identities” according to Rinck.

Alexis Rinck has participated and coordinated multiple rallies trying to bring attention to SU Chancellor Kent Syverud in acknowledging the university as a sanctuary campus.

Rinck said, “With the spotlight already on the day, might as well do another push for sanctuary campus”

The Student Association and the Student Graduate Association have both passed bills to establish Syracuse University as a sanctuary campus.

The Women’s and Genders Department of Syracuse University will be on strike on Wednesday because of International Women’s Day.

Coalition for Justice’s rally is set to occur on the SU quad at 3:30pm Wednesday afternoon. Words will be spoken about the Women’s Strike and then a march will fallow, according to Rinck.