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Manny’s Changes Game Plan After Basketball Seasons End

Manny’s will change their game plan to help make up for the revenue lost with both SU basketball teams’ seasons ending earlier than last year. Urabe ©2017

Manny's Changes Game Plan After Basketball Seasons End

Syracuse University apparel stores, like Manny's, will suffer from the Men's and Women's basketball teams not making it far in their respective national tournaments.

By Madelyn Urabe SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Businesses like Manny’s rely on the university’s basketball team performances for their marketing sales. With both the men’s and women’s seasons over, Manny’s is starting their search to find new ways to boost sales.

Manny’s, which has been located on Marshall Street since 1949, is the oldest store on the block. The store primarily sells Syracuse University apparel.

Co-owner and manager, Bill Nester, said sales at his store are average compared to this time last year.

“Sales have been good, but they have not been super terrific… but that is because of many factors,” said Nester.

 According to Nester, one of those factors is the Orange’s athletic success. With the opportunity of both basketball teams making it to the final four of their respective tournaments out of reach, sales will dip early next month.

“We have to remember last year we weren’t expected to go to the final four either… this time last year we made it in the tournament but we had not hit final four yet. So we are actually a little ahead of last year right now. But once final four hits, we’ll definitely not be doing as well as last year,” Nester said.

Manny’s had already started planning their national championship apparel for the women’s basketball team but those plans stopped after the women lost their game Monday night to UConn. The men’s team lost Saturday to Ole Miss in the NIT tournament.

“These basketball teams can definitely help business and hurt business too,” said Nester.

Manny’s may look into focusing apparel on next season’s sport instead.

“Now we will have to move onto the next sport. Maybe possibly national lacrosse champions. So we are always looking ahead. There is always a sport right around the corner to help us out,” said Nester.