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Uncharted Territory: the College Application Process for International Students

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Uncharted Territory: the College Application Process for International Students

College applications can be challenging and stressful for every student. However, international students have to make an extra effort to understand it and navigate it coming from a completely different culture.

By Javier Romero SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) – Studying abroad in the United States is an attractive opportunity for many international students who look to have a life-changing experience in which they get out of their comfort zone, receive a quality education, and improve their English.

However, in many cases, students are complete strangers to a college application process necessary to access any school that is so common in the United States. Students like Carmen, from Spain, have to adapt to a methodology for applying that is drastically different from the one that is used in their home countries.

“The process is very different. In Spain, they only look at the academic part of the student profile”, said Carmen, currently a high school junior applying to different schools in the U.S.

Foreign students are sometimes surprised to find out that, contrary to what they are sometimes told, less is more. “I do a lot of things, but now I have to connect them, and find a purpose for all of that, which is kind of what they ask for in a university. They don´t want a student who play five instruments and does seven sports. For me, it was very hard to try to fit everything in and kind of make a puzzle with all of these little pieces.”, said Pereña.

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