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Local Man Finds Success With Local Startup Truxx

Truxx started in Syracuse but as you can see from this map of all the about 2,000 drivers the company has grown. (c) 2017

The Founder of Truxx Carlos Suarez

Get to know Carlos Suarez the founder of Truxx. Also hear from Saurez and Tyler Watson, the business's first investor, as they talk about the work behind the app. Including how it started after Saurez could not fit the T.V. he just bought into his car.

Matthew Cooper SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — 
When most people think about a startup business that’s product is based on a mobile app they think it is something from Silicon Valley, not Syracuse, N.Y.

However, for Carlos Suarez’s business, Truxx, Syracuse started it all. Truxx is a business that markets itself on an app where the user can schedule a driver with a truck to come to where he/she is to pick up whatever the user needs and take it wherever it needs to be delivered. Syracuse happened to be a great place for the app’s launch, according to Suarez.

The founder and the business’s first driver Carlos Suarez. (Courtesy of Carlos Suarez)

“Places like Syracuse are perfect for the type of service because it is a medium to large, metropolitan area and is surrounded by a more rural area,” Suarez said.  “So people in the metropolitan area don’t have these vehicles and the people on the outskirts have these vehicles so they can fulfill demand.”

Since its launch in March of 2016, Truxx now has around 50 drivers in the Syracuse area and after expanding to New York City, Tampa, and other areas in South Florida the business has near 2,000 drivers across the nation, according to Suarez.

“I just started it because I like to design and develop products,” Suarez said. “I view this as a product that helps people and people find it useful. So far everyone who uses it loves it.”