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How do patients obtain medical marijuana in New York State?

By Marlee Tuskes SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Newhouse Knows is a franchise of “explainer” news stories produced by 2017 Broadcast and Digital graduate students at the Newhouse School.  Similar to explainer journalism produced by professionals, these stories clarify the more complex facets of news stories, provide deeper background, or explain in greater detail how something that’s been in the news works or could work.

New York State is one of 28 states that allows patients with specific illnesses to treat with medical marijuana. After the state legislature first approved medical marijuana in 2014, it took almost another two years before the first dispensaries opened in Onondaga County. Newhouse Knows’ reporter Marlee Tuskes reports now, another year later, it can still be a difficult process for patients who are qualified to treat with medical marijuana to obtain the drug.