Central New York

CoreLife Eatery Expanding to 30 Stores Next Year

By Kelly O’Neill SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — CoreLife Eatery opened its doors in Syracuse two years ago, and now their team is opening up 30 more doors in the next year.

This popular restaurant known as “Core” is designed for healthy, active lifestyles, and features bowls that contain greens, grains, and bone broths.

According to John Caveny, Co-Founder and VP of Operations at CoreLife, the Syracuse area was in need of healthy alternatives.

“We are really surprised by how many people by all walks of life are really looking to eat cleaner and healthier food,” he said.

CoreLife Eatery is planning to open in several new locations, including Buffalo, Ohio, Kentucky and as far away as Salt Lake City.

“We just finished opening up our tenth store in Ithaca, and we are going to open up about another fifteen stores this year, and another of 30 stores next year,” Caveny said.

The small restaurant that opened in Syracuse two years ago will be spreading to over 300 new locations in the next few years.