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Mayor Miner aims to Replace Aging Infrastructure

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner speaking with “Rebuild NY Now” (C) 2017 Elijah Shama

Mayor Miner aims to Replace Aging Infrastructure

By Elijah Shama SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — At a press conference today Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, flanked by a coalition of support agencies, announced her goal of replacing the city’s aging pipes.

Mayor Miner stressed that “We cannot afford to wait; our communities depend on reliable, affordable access to clean water, good roads, and functional sewers to live every single day. In Syracuse, we have implemented creative new solutions to these old problems but – to continue to do this and for other communities to have these opportunities – we need the support of New York’s leaders.”

Syracuse has already had over 70 water main breaks this year according to the mayor. Portions of the city’s pipes are also ancient. With some sections having not been replaced since the early 1900’s. Jim Howe the director for the CNY Nature Conservancy said that fixing the pipes could cost “Anywhere from 40 to 80 billion dollars over an 80-year period.”

Proponents of the plan dubbed “Rebuild NY Now” like Hannah Ring the director of Central New York’s Citizens Campaign for the environment believes the situation is reaching critical levels. Ring said “Our drinking water infrastructure is also in a state of constant disrepair. We have hundreds of water main breaks annually onto leaks and other issues.”

Whether or not Mayor Miner receives the money she needs from Albany to fix Syracuse’s ailing infrastructure remains to be seen.

Last year alone Syracuse recorded 322 water main breaks.