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Northland Communications Looks For Company Improvement, Not a Ranking

Northland Communications is a third-generation, family-owned telecommunications solution provider based in Syracuse that provides data, voice, network, and cloud communication services to companies across Central New York, according to Northland’s website. (c) 2017 Anthony Mazzini

Northland Communications Was Named One Of The Best Companies To Work For In New York, and the Rankings Come Out Tonight

Jim McCarthy says that the rankings and recognition are an added bonus but the value truly lies within the employee survey feedback.

By Anthony Mazzini SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Northland Communications in Syracuse was named the 21st best company to work for in New York this year out of 46 companies in the small/medium company category based on results released Wednesday at a dinner in Albany.

However, according to Northland’s President Jim McCarthy, the feedback from employee surveys is the most valuable part, not the ranking or the reputation that comes with a “best company to work for” title.

“The real value to us is not necessarily the marking aspect of it but more of the information we get from the survey in order to make this the best place to work it possibly can be,” McCarthy said.

Companies submit an employer questionnaire and an employee survey, which are analyzed and interpreted by the Best Companies Group, to form the yearly rankings. All participating companies receive the data results from the survey via Employee Feedback Reports to help the company identify strengths and weaknesses of the company. The feedback and survey results have given Northland some ideas on how to improve the company, and McCarthy said he notices the company changes paying off.

“We’re really seeing the benefit now is the collaboration between departments and between different offices and people working better together outside of departments,” said McCarthy. “And everything we do today crosses all departments, so the collaboration between departments is critical for us.”

Northland Communications

Northland Communications, located near Franklin Square Park in Syracuse, ranked 38th out of 45 companies in the small/medium company category in last year’s rankings of the best companies to work for in NY, jumping 17 spots in this year’s rankings. (c) 2017 Anthony Mazzini

Even with the improvements made using the feedback from the surveys, McCarthy suggested that the continued company improvement and success in the ranking process stems from an unofficial company motto.

“My father, the previous generation when he ran the business, although he didn’t refer to it as an engagement strategy, he had a philosophy that, ‘You spend a third of your life at work. It should be a nice place to be,'” McCarthy said. “So we’re really continuing on that philosophy.”

After the survey results get back to Northland, each department manager goes over the results with the department team members so everyone can get an idea of what the results were, said McCarthy.


In addition to increased engagement and collaboration within and between departments, other new improvements Northland has implemented include a relaxed dress code and a work from home policy, said McCarthy.

Northland Communications was one of three local companies named to the list of the best companies to work for in New York this year. The other two were TCGplayer and Pinckney Hugo Group, both located in Syracuse and part of the small/medium company category along with Northland, meaning they have between 15-249 U.S. employees. TCGplayer ranked 46th in this year’s rankings while Pinckney Hugo Group ranked 38th.