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New York Sets Free College Plan

By Sarah Perkes SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — New York is set to be the first state to grant free college tuition for middle class students. The new plan applies to anyone who has a family income of $125,000 dollars or less. The new plan does not cover room or board, and students must meet certain restrictions to be considered.

The Director of Communications at LeMoyne College Joe Della Posta said that he believes the new plan will work out nicely. However, there are still concerns as to what the proposal completely entails.

“Obviously making college ore affordable is something that every institution whether public or private is interested in,” he stated. “While an interesting idea there are a number of unanswered questions that we don’t really know about the proposal and how it’s going to impact the students.”

Syracuse Alum Alisa Ingerson said she believes the new proposal could be improved.

“I wish it could have been divided out a little more evenly or a little differently.”

However, she remains on the bright side and thinks that the plan will still have positive outcomes.

“I’m hoping for New York State economy it’s going to have positive effects,” said Ingerson. “With the 2 o 4 year commitment, that they have to live and work in New York State after graduation. I think that could potentially benfefit.”

Ingerson’s son Ryan said he thinks free college tuition is instantly a bad thing. However, he still remains hopeful for the future.

“I think if this really does work and they can fund them well and still get a good education and provide to as many people as possible,” said Ryan. ” Then I think it could be a good thing…and make college education more affordable for everybody.”

The state budget proposal was passed last weekend at 153 billion. It includes new transportation provisions that allows both Uber and Lyft to expand upstate. The state Senate will be taking up the spending plan on Sunday.