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The Lady Behind Ladybug Lunchbox

By Lauren Sinatra SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – On the corner of Firefighter Park in Syracuse, there sits a little red trailer. And inside that trailer, one woman runs an entire operation that she calls the Ladybug Lunchbox.

The food truck has been at the same corner, every day, for the past 17 years – weather permitting, of course.

Pamela Dwyer, owner of the Ladybug Lunchbox, went from being a stay-at-home mom to a daycare worker to an owner of a restaurant. She realized she wanted to work alone at a single paycheck business, so she closed the doors of her restaurant and bought a food truck.

Dwyer confirms she made the right decision. “I like it. Every time I open my window, I get a different view. And the people are different and I get to learn about what they are doing.”

People from all over Downtown Syracuse come to the truck on their lunch break. They can choose from a range of products including the famous turkey burger or the delicious steak and cheese melt. Over the years, Dwyer has realized the need to constantly update her menu to keep up with the competition.

“Before it was just steak, cheese, onions…now I have a sauce,” she explains.

Since she is a one woman operation, the rush of hungry people at lunchtime may seem overwhelming. But for Dwyer, the constant multitasking is what keeps her going every day.

“I have ADD up the butt…I can’t sit still…so [I stand] on my feet from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed,” she said, adding a laugh at the end.

And when asked what she plans for the future, Dwyer could not think of an answer. She says she will continue cooking until the day she dies and loves taking each day at a time.