Central New York

Fairmount Community Library Honors Earth Day

By Abby Budiman SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Earth Day is coming up Saturday, and organizers say the whole country will be celebrating it in a big way this year. But here in Syracuse, a local library is honoring the spirit of Earth Day in a smaller, but very meaningful way, with a special giveaway event.

Today, the Fairmount Community Library is teaching our youngest generation about the importance of sustainability while celebrating the upcoming Earth Day by giving away shrubs and young trees to visiting families.

These shrubs represent a new start for the Syracuse community. They will eventually grow into larger trees and will contribute to the hopes of a more sustainable future for the city.

Library coordinator, Stephanie Brainard, said she and the rest of the staff planned this event to give back to the community.

“Part of our mission is to connect people and enhance learning, so doing something experimental like planting a tree, or planting a shrub, something they’ve never done before, is a great way to have people learn something new.” She explained.

The library is providing different varieties of shrubs such as white oak, raspberry and jersey blue. Families are allowed to choose whichever shrub they want for their homes, and some, like Betsy Hennessy and her two children, were clearly very excited about their options.

“We have a garden and we’re always looking to plant something new. I was excited to see a red bud because they’re so pretty in the spring. We’re just trying to help make the earth look a little more beautiful.”

Brainard says that it is extremely important that the giveaway teaches children about the importance of giving back to our environment.

“Kids learn from their parents, and whenever they learn when they’re younger, they’re going to continue it moving forward.” She exclaimed.

She also hopes that the giveaway will give a lasting message to everyone in the community.

She said, “It’s important to do your part, whether it’s a big or small part, it all matters and it promotes something positive. Whether it’s a bee coming to your garden to get honey, or building a bird house for a robin, these small acts all promote a better piece of earth for your home.”