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Women Lack Representation In Stem

Google Is Under Public Eye

Director of WISE, Joanne Lenweaver gives her opinion on the Google gender case.

By Kimberly Arreola SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The popular web search company Google is accused of gender discrimination. The U.S. Department of Labor claimed to have found evidence that highlights salary disparities in the companies’ workforce.

Joanne Lenweaver, the director of a local organization that supports women in their business endeavors, WISE, shared her thoughts on the issue.

“I’m kind of surprised by Google because I’ve been there it seemed pretty respectful of each others contributions, but as far as pay I guess you never know,” said Lenweaver.

She also claimed how the lack of representation that exists for women within the tech industry was no eye-opener.

“There’s a selective group of people that are in technology at this time,” Lenweaver said. “They’re mostly white and they are mostly male.”

Lenweaver believes women bring a lot of diversity and new ideas into the tech industry. In order to guide more women into the tech industry Lenweaver suggests more programs that specialize in mentoring women for STEM trajectories.

“Special training is needed so that people in the corporate sector know how to help women in leadership,” said Lenweaver.

Out of the 70,000 Google workers only 19% are women, according to The Associate Press. Lenweaver, although not taken by surprise, confessed her disappointment on these low numbers.

She really hopes companies like Google take the issue they have with the U.S. Department of Labor as an opportunity to show more support towards their female employees.

“We need to help them once they are on that trajectory,” she said. “To feel comfortable about themselves, and prove that once they get that chance … that they were deserving of it, and that they are going to be great leaders and that they will get paid doing the same amount of work that a man is doing.”