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SU Senior Prints Mark in Jewelry Business

NCC News anchor and reporter Jamie Weiss met up with Talley Larkin, a fourth year Industrial Design student at SU and creator of TCL Design - a 3D printed jewelry business.

By Jamie Weiss SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — 

During her third year at Syracuse University, Talley Larkin, an industrial design student from Rhode Island, was exposed to all aspects of 3D printing. After falling in love with the ability to print any design, Larkin decided to spend her summer in Berlin, training to become even more proficient in the skill she admired. That was when everything changed, and Talley started TCL Design.

“It was my sister’s birthday when I was over there and I wanted to make something for her,” said Larkin. “After I made her a necklace, I wanted one, then I figured I should make my mom one, and my friends and then I ended up with like 100 of them.”

Larkin’s necklace designs range from different molecules, to geometric shapes and even custom orders. “I tried a few things and they just didn’t work when I printed them,” Larkin said with a laugh. “But I say in the description for every order on my Etsy shop that I can do custom designs.

Larkin’s following has spanned across the country, with customers ordering necklaces from as far away as Montana. “I do a lot of promotion on Instagram, which is where I have the link to my Etsy shop. And most of my designs online I have in stock too,” Larkin explained.

Larkin mentioned that while she was studying in Berlin, she made other jewelry like earrings and bracelets. She hopes to expand her collection to include more jewelry in the future.

To learn more about Talley and her necklaces, visit her Etsy page or follow her on Instagram.