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Local Library stays Dynamic in an Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

By Jared Barton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — It was a busy morning at the Mundy Branch of the Onondaga Public Library. Kindergarten students from Delaware Elementary School were in for a visit and children were having a blast while also learning from the extensive amount of resources the library has to offer.

“We try to encourage kids to do the five early every child ready to read: Talk, sing, read, write and play,” Becky Maguire, the Mundy Children’s Librarian said. “And of course, play is our favorite so we like to do a lot of playing here at the library.”
A couple of years ago, the Mundy Branch had major renovations completed on the inside of the building. Through community polling, the library realized that a need for digital technology was necessary.
“A lot of children don’t have computers or tablets at home and in this day and age you really need to be conversant with technology and how technology works if you are going to be successful.”
To accommodate the major need, a multitude of computers and tablets were installed for the children to learn in a new age. As the technology has evolved, so have the employees of the library. The focus is not primarily on physical books as it once used to be. Now, computers are heavily on the radar.
“Well a lot of people see children playing on technology and don’t really understand that it is increasing their literacy not just their digital literacy, but their reading of words and everything like that as well because it is something that really motivates the children to really read and understand what is happening on there.”
The employees of the Mundy Branch will continue to be dynamic and keep up with the ever-changing world to enrich the students for future success.