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Syracuse residents defend the arts at this week’s ‘Trump Tuesdays’

Small snippet of Frank Malfitano discussing how the arts brings about diversity and inclusion.

By Candace Higgins SYRACUSE, NY (N.C.C News) – This week’s Tump Tuesdays riled up citizens, young and old, in defense against the Trump administration’s proposed policy to dramatically cut funding for the arts and public broadcasting.

The signs that the protesters held read "Art Matters."(c) 2017 Candace HigginsAlmost everyone in the crowd held signs displaying their love and appreciation for theĀ arts. The founder of Syracuse’s Jazz Fest, Frank Malfitano, says although he respects the current officials in the White House cutting funding towards the arts is not a good idea.

“This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard. The arts are what bring being together…we need that now more than ever…our country right now is divided,” Malfitano said.

Other artists thats spoke at the podium reiterated the togetherness that the arts invoke in their community.

According to this screenshot from Facebook, even the space where Mayor Miner held the ralley was funded by the government. (c) 2017 Candace Higgins

A resident in the crowd named Victoria Jackson was more concerned about the threats of cutting funding towards public broadcasting.

Victoria is an avid lover of WCNY, Central New York’s public broadcasting station. She is a fan of documentaries and a lot of the programming that WCNY provides.

“I watch a lot of public broadcasting. It’s how I learn. It’s a different kind of material that gets played but it’s nurturing. Without it, what good television will we have for our children…it truly would be a lost art form,” Jackson said.

Even amongst the full blown Trump supporters, no one spoke of any opposition to this proposed funding cut.