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Carrier Dome Prepares For Monster Jam

The Carrier Dome awaits its shipments of supplies for Monster Jam on Saturday. (c) Tyler Aki 2017

Carrier Dome Prepares For Monster Jam

NCC's Tyler Aki details how the Carrier Dome gets ready in preparation for one of the biggest events of the year.

By Tyler Aki SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)

The Carrier Dome is known for primetime sporting events and high profile concerts, but over the past few years, another event has become a staple for the Loud House.

Monster Jam returns to the Dome this Saturday with another expected sellout, according to chief facilities officer Pete Sala. This year’s Monster Jam had to be pushed into April as opposed to its usual March date as a result of the men’s basketball NIT tournament being played at the Dome.

However, the process to get everything ready for this monster truck extravaganza is one that takes a lot of manpower.

“We empty everything out of the building that can be affected by dirt, mud, dust,” Sala said. “So, the wraps around the walls, the pads. Strip the building. Put a bunch of filters around the field. We put plastic down yesterday, and then on top of that, we put 5,200 sheets of plywood on the floor.”

And just like the setup, there is major cleanup involved as well. This year’s event had an even bigger obstacle with a quick turnaround that the Dome must impress for, according to Sala.

“We have a spring reception on Monday morning, which is way worse than a game because the building needs to be spotless,” Sala said. “We will start picking up dirt and plywood Saturday night about 11 o’clock at night. We’ve got a huge student crew coming in Sunday at four to start pressure washing seats. And then we will start setting up for the event on Monday.”

This is one of the Dome’s biggest events of the year, according to Sala. One that compares to any of the Orange’s upper-echelon opponents.

“This is like Duke basketball,” Sala said. “I just can’t believe it.”

Monster Jam will feature 14 different trucks and starts at 7 pm on Saturday.