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The Dome Prepares for Monster Jam

By Jared Barton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Monster Jam is one of the most popular and profitable events that the Carrier Dome holds each year. This weekend, the Dome will be completely ready to host the event once again.
The process of preparing the venue for the show usually takes about a week long in a very particular and long process. By Saturday, the Dome will be transformed into the customized Monster Jam Arena. The 12-hour process of laying the dirt down on the Dome floor and crafting the track is almost complete. The soil used for the event is actually recycled from last year’s show.
“We actually own the dirt,” said Pete Sala, the Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer at Syracuse University. “It’s up at Skytop and they have been shaping it since Monday, rolling it over, getting some air to it.”
Once the Dirt is shaped into the track, the event will be pretty much be ready to roll. But as Pete Sala says, the entire undertaking of Monster Jam would not be possible without the help of a select group of workers.

“Nowhere in the country do people cover 87,000 square feet in 2 and a half hours it just doesn’t happen. But the student workforce here…we are so attractive with that workforce. Between ESF and Syracuse University, this place doesn’t run without students.”

Over the last five years, this event has used the help of the students to get up and running and all of those shows have been a big success and very profitable. This year should be no different.The students also help with changeovers throughout the entire school year, including setting up for basketball and football games. Ticket sales for the event have been going well according to Sala, who also says that over 90% of the sales occur online.

“We are at that 32,000 sweet spot right now, you know the needle can move really hard in the next couple of days.”
Tomorrow night, there is a pit party where fans can see the trucks and meet the drivers. That all leads up to the main event on Saturday night. There is a projected crowd of 38,000people for Saturday night’s event. Syracuse University and the Carrier Dome want city residents to be aware of heavy traffic that evening.