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Hackers Can Kill Your Computer with a Flash Drive

By Connor Hakan SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Hackers have a new tool to kill your computer.

Hackers have discovered a more effective way to kill your computer than a software virus, and it is so simple anyone can do it.

They call it, Killer USB, and it can destroy an entire computer instantaneously by just plugging it into a USB port on almost any computer.  Killer USB shoots two-hundred volts of electricity through a computer’s USB port multiple times per second.

The market for Killer USBs are criminals with malicious intent.  Even servers and database centers are at risk of being destroyed.  And it is easy for criminals with no knowledge of hacking to inflict harm.

“Oh it’s going to be someone who want to attack a small local group that the only thing they have is a computer or a database center.  Oh you are running for office, oh let us destroy your database boom,” the Director of Information Technology at SU, Brian Tibbens, said.

Richard Yang is a student at Syracuse University, and he bought one of the Killer USB flash drives.

“You can essentially fry everyone’s photos, music albums, everything that they possibly own online, and just fry it like that.  So in a sense yeah, it’s like the digital gun of the 21st century,” Yang said.

Yang said he bought it for the sake of having it but says he has not tested it yet because he doesn’t have anything to test it on.

“If there was some valid reason that I would need to go wipe someone’s computer, then I would have the potential to.  But hopefully that doesn’t happen,” Yang said.