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Syracuse Airport Prepares For Spring Breakers

By Cole Zimmerman SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) — Students in Central New York are emptying the classrooms and beginning to fill airport terminals and airplanes to head their separate ways on spring break.  This break requires preparation not only on the side of students packing up their belongings and heading to their favorite vacation spot, but also on the side of the airport that is responsible for transporting the passengers.

“We want to make sure we have additional staff on hand, from security to concessions, custodian workers, just to make sure we can add a number of people to the terminal building,” said executive director of Syracuse International Airport, Christina Callahan.


With spring break starting this weekend for many schools, there is a difference in the airport that is pretty easy to spot; the amount of passengers.  In fact, the airport has already been so busy that one of the parking lots is completely filled.

Syracuse Hancock International Airport terminal. (c) 2017 Cole Zimmerman

“We definitely see an increased number of people flying out, more than in during the March break, as evidenced by the fact that our open lot is closed this morning,” said Callahan.  “Certainly a lot of people, college students in particular are trying to get away to warmer weather of a couple of days or a week, so this is something we see on a regular basis.”

Matthew Hankin, a student at Syracuse University heading to Las Vegas for spring break, isn’t a fan of being in the airport for a long period of time, and expressed that even though there are going to be a lot of passengers, he’d like things to run as smoothly as possible.

“Ideal experience is quick as possible, get in, get on your flight, get out,” said Hankin.

Another student, Mark Little, would tend to agree, but also pointed out that protection and safety is of importance.

“I want them to do a thorough job, keep it quick,  but at the same time I want to make sure they’re being secure so the flight is safe,” said Little.

While the airport is taking all of the steps it can to provide passengers with a quick and easy travel service, Callahan reminds passengers to arrive at least 90 minutes before a flight, to ensure that a passenger has time to park, check in, check their bags, get through security, and get to the gate on time.