Central New York

Sunshine Sells at the CNY RV and Camping Show


The Central New York RV and Camping show is back. Starting today at noon, the show opened their doors to customers with several buildings full of exhibitions at the New York State fairgrounds. The event is aimed at Central New Yorker’s who might be interested in purchasing a new or used camper, and features a handful of brands as well as other vendors selling everything from jam to dog training.

As spring nears, more and more people are looking to get outside. Viewing now as the perfect time to sell, Burdick Representative, John Burdick said the economy was in a good place for people to buy.“[It is] definitely moving in that direction. People are very secure in their employment now. The consumer confidence levels, they’ve bounced back to better than average. Price of gasoline is still very low. Interest rates are very low. It’s a great time for someone to make an investment.”

Central New Yorker’s walk around on the first day of the 2017 show. The show will run until this Sunday at the New York State fairgrounds.

While the economy maybe what is allowing potential customers to consider making a purchase of the sort, Show Manager, Drew Wickham said that there might be more natural forces behind the events high attendance draw.

“Up until yesterday, or today, the weather has been awesome. So people are thinking spring, they’re thinking summer. They’re in the mood to go. Its 20 today, but you know yesterday I was thinking about you know summer activities, camping and getting out and doing those sorts of things. So people are in the mood, they’re thinking about it. And today’s 20, that’s not gonna make that big a difference. I think it’s mindset that summer, bringing summer right around the corner.”

It seems that the warm weather is influencing people to think about the coming months when the nation’s snowiest city will be weeks removed from any snowfall. A time when a pair of short and a t-shirt wouldn’t merit a question.

As we near the warmer spring and summer months, Central New Yorker’s can’t keep their minds off these large vehicles. One event attended, Dennis Walpole, also felt that the warmer weather was encouraging people to come out for the show.

“The warm weather gets people thinking about summer, and camping, and it does bring them out in droves.”

While snow is still in the forecast for the salt city, warmer days are coming. Temperatures will be as low as 5 degrees this weekend, but don’t let that discourage you. The CNY RV show will be at the fairgrounds until this Sunday.