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“With Love, Pakistan Connecting Syracuse’s Communities Through Food”

Using food as a way to connect people of all cultures has been especially important to one of Syracuse's newest restaurants. "With Love" debuted its international cusine last month ... soon after President Trump issued his executive orders on immigration. For the restaurant staff, connecting cultures is now more important than ever.

 By Isabel Sanchez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — In the corner of North State and North Salina street you will find With Love, Pakistan. It’s the only Pakistani food restaurant in Syracuse offering to the public an exotic menu full of flavor. But what’s even more interesting than the spices that fill its dishes is the fact that it is run by students and its manager is a refugee who found in Syracuse a new home.

Sarah Robin, moved to Syracuse from Pakistan four years ago. Her love for the kitchen and the lack of Pakistani food in the area inspired her to start cooking more for herself and for others. Through local charities she met Adam Suddmann who now runs With Love, an initiative of  the Onondaga Community College Food Management Program.

“The idea is to offer students an unique experience, a taste of how the real world works,” says Suddmann.

Robin and Suddmann worked to create the recipes that will bring With Love’s first menu to life. The menu will change every six months to offer a different destination to the public

For Robin the opportunities she found in the United States are way more than she expected.

“I left many things behind but I’ve found more than I could even imagine here,” she says.

According to Sudmann With Love, Pakistan has received a very positive response from the community. They are currently studying options for the next menu cuisine from countries like Syria and Somalia are on table as possible option.

“The idea is to connect people and cultures trough food,” said Sudmann.

Meet Sarah Robin a Pakistani cheff that found in Syracuse a new home.