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Nike Released A New Product for Female Athletes

By Sydney Hammer Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)

A well known international sports brand releases a product that they say makes sports more inclusive for women. Just two days before international women’s day, Nike released its pro hijab  for Muslim female athletes.

The hijab is the head dress that Muslim women commonly wear. Nike is one of the most sensational sporting brands in the world, the new product comes as a big deal for modern day Muslim female athletes.

The Muslim Chaplain at Syracuse, Ahmed Malik, says he is happy that Nike is taking the initiative to include Muslim women within their brand.

Nike unveiled this product a week after they aired a controversial advertisement in the Middle East.

Ibrahim Malik, Assistant Muslim Chaplain at SU says that many female women who wear a hijab may have had a hard time, but now with the Nike release of the pro hijab, it may be easier for them to participate in sports while wearing the hijab.

Nike is not the first brand to come up with a hijab for sports, but since the company is prominent, it has become more of a phenomenon throughout the world.

Dina Eldawy, student and member of the Muslim association just started wearing a hijab two- months ago.

“Seeing Nike, a brand that I recognize, doing that immediately after I started doing that it’s pretty impactful I’d say,” Eldawy said.

Eldawy says she wants to exercise and plans to go to the gym especially no

“So for me now, I do have an option. I’m still thinking how am I going to figure this out. This is something that I will deal with later, but there’s already a solution,” Eldawy said.