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WikiLeaks Publishes Thousands of Classified Documents

By Lauren Anderson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – WikiLeaks has published thousands of documents revealing secrets about CIA practices. Officials say the revealed files were classified, and included information that the CIA uses hacking tools to break in to targeted computers, cellphones, and even smart TVs.

The hacking tools appeared to affect desktop and laptop computers by Microsoft, Apple iPhones and iPads, Google’s Android cellphones, Cisco routers, and Samsung Smart TVs. Some technology firms said they were looking into these new reports.

“The dissemination of a bunch of these materials by WikiLeaks is pretty disturbing for a few different reasons. I think the first thing to take note of is that the CIA itself has a serious problem of operational security,” said William Banks, the Director of the Institute of National Security and Counter-Terrorism.

The government is now looking in to how WikiLeaks got a hold of these documents.

WikiLeaks has also discussed the idea of sharing the information with the technology companies. This would give the companies, like Apple, Google, and Samsung the opportunity to identify and fix any software issues, that could be targeted by foreign spies.

President Trump and the CIA declined to comment on the situation.