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Trump Tuesday deals with immigration ban

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump's latest executive order, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner met with constituents to discuss the implications.

Every week since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has met with constituents in Perseverance Park to discuss Trump’s policies.

This week was no different.

This week’s rain-soaked Trump Tuesday dealt with the recent executive order aimed at barring citizens of six Muslim-majority countries (Yemen, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria) from entering the country.  However, since Trump’s last such attempt was blocked by an appeals court, he made a few changes to his second try.

Exemptions will be given to travelers from Iraq as well as permanent U.S. residents and visa holders.  Regardless, Mayor Miner says the ban cuts across American values.

“Banning someone based on their religion is un-American, it’s unconstitutional, and we won’t stand for it,” said Miner.

Today’s gathering feature guest speaker Khadijo Abdulkadir, a Kenyan refugee and Syracuse University junior studying international relations. Abdulkadir came to Syracuse in 2009 after spending 15 years in a refugee camp in Kenya.  As a child of Somalian parents, Abdulkadir says she is disappointed to see how many people lump all refugees together as one and don’t understand their past.

“I wish you knew who I was seven years ago when I had nothing, and then you saw my progress all the way to where I am today,” she said.

Several people offered up their help as volunteers to keep up with the refugees already in the country.  Officials said that while many people have come forward, there is still a great need for foreign language speaking volunteers.

However, they remain hopeful.  Under a dreary sky huddled under a tent, Mayor Miner expressed her sincere belief that the most important thing to keep democracy alive was exactly what the 40+ people in Perseverance Park were doing.

Using their voice.