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Made in America: Local Company Reaches out to White House

Sherrill Manufacturing is the only flatware that is 100% made in the United States. The company sent a letter to President Trump requesting that he use their silverware in his White House.

By Bridget Chavez (NCC News) SHERRILL, N.Y. – Coming off the heels of an intense election cycle, there’s one campaign promise on both sides of the aisle that’s sticking, and that is to keep jobs in the United States. Sherrill Manufacturing in Central New York is the only remaining flatware manufacturing company that is made entirely in the U.S.

“We knew it was the last stand and if this factory had shut down there would be no more flatware manufacturing in the United States,” owner Greg Owens said. In the last few years many manufacturing companies have sent their businesses overseas, but Owens said it was essential that they keep the business here.

“The fact that we want to keep it in America, they do, is just as important to them as it is to me,” employee Shawn Bolton said. He’s been with the company for more than five years. And with the growing trend of keeping jobs in the U.S., the company felt inclined to reach out to President Trump with a letter and a package with their silverware. The letter congratulates the president on his election and requests that he use their “100 percent American made” flatware at his dinner table.

Even the employees of Sherrill Manufacturing are on board with the message the letter sends.

“I think it’s fantastic. You don’t really see that anymore,” employee Jeromy Fritch said. “My kids all their toys are made in China and I hate it so I try to find made in America stuff, made in America toys.”

The company hasn’t yet heard back from the White House but New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Claudia Tenney have both sent letters of support on their behalf.

“Making products in America and all that. Bringing jobs back, well what better way to do it than to have the only silverware made in the United States in your White House,” Bolton said.