Local Company Looks to Teach Kids Tech

By Jeff Slawson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – According to the United States Department of Labor, certain technology related jobs are expected to grow by 12% in the next ten years, well above the national average.

Tech 4 Kidz is trying to help children between the ages of 6 and 15 join this trend by teaching them technical skills in a fun way.

Connor Kane, a senior engineering student at Syracuse University, has been with the company for three years and has seen how certain classes, like that of a gaming class, can teach young children something very beneficial.

“It lets them know that there is other stuff out there with video games,” Kane said, “Where you don’t have to play them you can design them.”

Tech 4 Kidz uses this plan in all of its classes. Introduce something the children are familiar with (applications on an iPhone, video games, animation, etc) and allow them to create it. Kane knows that if he loaded the children with too much information at one time, they could become overwhelmed and, eventually, disinterested. That is why the more simple they can keep it, the more the students will learn.

“This is still very early introduction because there is no coding or anything, but it gives them the basic premise of where they can start” Kane explained, “So if they want to be a (web) designer, or in this case a (video game) storyteller there is a bunch of different things you can do.”

Tech 4 Kidz also wants to make the classes as informal as possible. This works by letting each student pick what they will be creating, and allowing them to work on it from home.

The new session of Tech 4 Kidz begins in late March, and they are expected to expand their classes.