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Saltwater Flotation Therapy Center Makes Their Way to Syracuse

By Sophia Morris SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — What if there was a way to float in a giant tub with no effort? With the help of a new salt flotation therapy center in making its way to Syracuse, this is now possible.

Originally based in Rochester, NY, BodyMind Float Center has been offering flotation therapy to over 10,000 customers seeking a new kind of spa experience.

How it works:

Inside a dark, inclosed float tank, eight hundred pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt is dissolved in ten inches of water warmed to skin temperature. Like the Dead Sea, this extremely dense solution enables people of all body types to float effortlessly.

“Sometimes these machines are called sensory deprivation tanks, but we shy away from that because it sounds like torture or scary when in fact it’s a quite blissful experience for almost everyone that tries it,” said David Brickman, the owner of BodyMind Syracuse.

Salt flotation therapy isn’t just about melting the stress away, but it has numerous health benefits as well, said Brickman. Many people come for pain management such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and neck and back pain.

Most of ┬áBodyMind’s clients would travel far distances to Rochester to receive this kind of treatment for their pain, so proximity was a main concern when expanding to Syracuse for his customers, said Brickman.

“There are the constraints of human travel from place to place, so the closeness made it attractive and Syracuse was unserved until now by any float facility, so we knew there would be a market here for it,” said Brickman.

The facility is located in the Canalwood Commons Plaza on Erie Boulevard. It currently has four open flotation tanks and are working on finishing another four if the need comes up.

(c) 2017 Sophia Morris

(c) 2017 Sophia Morris