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Valentine’s Day Spending On Dogs A Rising Trend

Pet Supplies Plus is carrying Valentine’s Day themed dog treats for the holiday. (C) 2017 Tyler Aki

The Rise In Valentine's Day Spending On Dogs

Over the past decade, Valentine's Day spending on friends and family has declined, however, gifts for dogs is on the rise.

By Tyler Aki DEWITT, N.Y. (NCC News) – Consumer spending for Valentine’s Day is the third highest grossing holiday in the United States at nearly $20 billion per year. However, the National Retail Federation’s research shows that American interest in the holiday has dipped 10 percent over the past decade.

Conversely, there is a rising demand for dog consumerism. Valentine’s Day themed dog treats have become a $681 million industry.

Pet Supplies Plus in DeWitt is no exception. Erin Black is an employee at the pet store and the seasonal inventory allows owners to get their dogs a gift for the holiday.

“So we have greeting cards as well,” Black said. “But no, the treats are a big thing just because a lot of people do, like, Valentine’s Day baskets for their dogs and so that’s a big thing.”

Black, however, is not a part of the growing trend. Despite the fact that she owns three dogs, Black admits that she spends more on her family for Valentine’s Day. She is not surprised by the growing trend over the past 10 years.

“I can definitely see people spending a lot on their dogs,” Black said. “Especially people who don’t have, you know, children or, you know, spouses or anything like that. They go all out because those are their babies.”

Black said that there is a bit of a different spending dynamic for Valentine’s Day. For this holiday, the main product is treats. However, customers can be more diverse with some of the other holidays.

“You get a lot with Christmas and Halloween cause people dress their animals up and all that other stuff,” Black said. “But, again, we have tons of people asking for different Valentine’s toys and everything like that. So, it’s definitely in the market.”

As for this year’s products, Black says there were not the same diversity in products. This year, Pet Supplies Plus was limited to treats and greeting cards, as opposed to toys and other products in the past.