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Old McDonald had a Farm Show

By Cierra Smith (Syracuse, N.Y.) — The New York Farm show draws exhibitors and crowds from all over the country. This year twelve new vendors came to the fairgrounds to exhibit and sell some of their best equipment.

Vendors are selling tractors, drainage supplies and even cow beds. Most vendors are selling farmers equipment that they say will ease the work load and preserve their land for a greater profit. Machines such as the 43-34 self propelled merger used to turn soil has a price range from 45 to $384,000.

While many labor reducing machines took up a majority of the floor, there were many other skills that could be learned here. The farm show works to assist each farmer with increasing their production and profit.

“Theres a lot here to see. There is a whole entity of the agriculture industry. They can see anything from dairy, to poultry, to honey, to whine and its all agriculture and New York is very proud of all the pieces of agriculture we do,” said New York beef council marketer Brenda Bipperts.

The family friendly show also includes a toy auction and hands on displays. Ms. Bipperts said bring the whole family along and make sure you don’t forget to try their special hot beef sundae.

Vendors also invite attendees to seminars that range from how to increase lumber profits to how to humanely raise and slaughter cattle. The purpose of the show is to assist all farmers in hopes that their profits will increase.

In 10 years of managing, show manager Scott Grigor said this is the greatest weather he has ever seen. He expects larger crowds at the fair grounds this year.