Central New York

#TrumpTuesday gives a voice to refugees in Syracuse

The first #TrumpTuesday in Syracuse allowed refugees to express their concerns on Trump's executive actions

By Angelica Rodriguez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)– The nationwide trend #TrumpTuesday also got into Syracuse as the city’s mayor Stephanie Miner invited the community to express their concerns about president Trump’s executive orders earlier today.

“I thought this was a way to share with people, so they can understand this is not anonymous, this is not happening to somebody else, this is happening to our community,” expressed Miner.

Besides a pretty harsh weather, Miner stood next to three refugees as they told their personal stories to the people that gathered at the Perseverance Park in Downtown Syracuse.

“It is not right to be labeled as terrorist and it is not right to be labeled as criminals,” said Chol Magok, a refugee from South Sudan.

Sudan is one of the seven countries affected by Trump’s travel ban. Miner emphasized that she has heard a couple of people in the community afraid of the uncertainty of what could happen to their own lives and their families.

Miner also stated that the city government will keep fighting to find ways to protect the community from any unbeneficial policy stated by the current government.

“We will hold people accountable on every policy that is not benefiting the people in the community,” said Miner.