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Central New York Offers Many Options For Christmas Tree Shopping

By Colleen Callander SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations.  Businesses near Syracuse have the most important items for customers – Christmas trees. Central New York is home to many places where people can find their ideal trees, and they have the options of cutting them down themselves or choosing a pre-cut one.

The employees at Luchsinger’s Christmas Trees in LaFayette have a barn where they display all of the trees they started marking in September.  The trees are grown at a farm in Truxton, NY, about 10 miles from the barn.  In the middle of November, they start cutting them and bringing them back for customers to pick which ones they want to take home.

“We’re not the most inexpensive, but we provide the best customer service,” Erin Luchsinger Hull, owner and operator of Luchsinger’s, said. “It’s great if you have little kids and don’t want to trump through the woods, or if you’re older and you don’t have the means to get a tree home. We do everything. We bail it and tie it on your car so you don’t have to do anything.”

However, the option is available for those who do want to explore a Christmas tree farm with a saw and cut down their tree themselves.  Critz Farms in Cazenovia offers this, and has lower prices than Luchsinger’s.  At Critz, a cut-your-own Fraser fir tree is $39.95 for any size. On the contrary, Luchsinger’s charges based on size.  A seven-foot Fraser fir tree there is $60.

According to Luchsinger, she hasn’t raised prices in several years. She knows the prices are higher than the competition’s, but her business offers a better customer service, she said.

The first two weekends of December will be the busiest for Luchsinger’s as people search for the perfect tree, Luchsinger said.

“To me a perfect tree is very sparse and very open. So my personal preference is the Fraser fir,” she said.

A Douglas fir tree is a better option for people who want a fuller tree, and the Concolor fir is ideal for people with allergies, because it is non-allergenic, she suggested.

According to Luchsinger, no matter where you get it, the following tips are very important for picking a tree and keeping it healthy once it is home:

  • Choose a fir tree, and do not choose a spruce.
  • Make sure the tree has a fresh cut on it before taking it home.
  • Put the tree in water immediately when it is home.
  • Make sure to water it every day.

She explained the reasoning for why real trees are in high-demand, and why it’s important to not resort to artificial ones.

“As science has proven, real trees are renewable resources. When people get rid of their artificial trees they’re put in landfills. That’s a lot of plastic and not very good for the environment,” she said.


Luchsinger's also sells a variety of Christmas wreaths. (c) 2016 Colleen Callander

Critz Farms has a selection of more than 45,000 trees. (c) 2016 Colleen Callander