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Women in High Tech Succeed in CNY

Women in High Tech are challenged with career and job opportunities across the country. However, Central New York seems to be an exception.

By Angelica Rodriguez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– Science and Technology are rapid growing fields with great job opportunities but they continue to be short for women across the country. While most of the women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields are challenged to adapt and stay in their jobs, this seems to be different in Central New York.

Women in Central New York are empowering each other in their potential to work in STEM fields through initiatives like team building activities and workshops. Melanie Phillips came all the way from Buffalo to tell high school girls at the East Syracuse-Minoa (ESM) Central High School her successful story as a young mother and intern in the engineering field.


“I think that they are welcoming women a lot more into the work place especially in engineering field,” said Phillips, “they are accepting that we are both care takers and we are trying to get a career for ourselves.”


ESM was the first school participating at the “STEM Career Exploration Series 2016-2017” organized by the partnership CNY STEM Hub. The purpose of these events is to show students the career opportunities in STEM fields and how New York State is a great place to start-off their future career. In the case of ESM, the event where Phillips attended as a panelist, focused on career and jobs opportunities for women in STEM.

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In addition to educational initiatives, women in Central New York view this area as a perfect spot to develop their own businesses. Organizations like the Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE) Business Center have successfully help women to get access to capital and other resources to develop their businesses.


The director of the WISE Business Center Joanne Lenweaver sees more women in CNY getting involved in technology and entrepreneurship. Lenweaver believes that there is a large demand in training and working in web development and social media.


“We are running as fast as we can with them and I’m really excited about it because I think this is the next wave to get them into a great strong marketing plan,” expressed Lenweaver.


The increasing demand for coaching is closely related to the repeated successful stories of their clients’ businesses. The clients revenues have tripled in the past three years. This may suggest that women can also be successful in the entrepreneur sector in the CNY area.

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