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Cuomo To Create Anti-Hate Crime Force

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By Brittany Ehrlich SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to stop hates crimes across New York after a recent rise in those kinds of crimes.

This recent rise of crimes came after Donald Trump became president-elect leaving many to believe the two are connected. Governor Cuomo alluded to the connection in his speech.

Cuomo’s plan is to create a special state police unit to investigate hate crimes. 

“New York State will not allow the law to be violated, period,” Cuomo said at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

One of the hate crimes occurring across New York recently is the appearance of swastikas in several locations.

Temple Adath Yeshurun’s Rabbi Paul Drazen says these appearances always cause concern in the Jewish community.

“Certainly anything that can help bring unity and calm to our state is a good idea,” said Rabbi Drazen.

Rabbi Drazen also believes Cuomo taking action shows the state will not accept these crimes.

The LGBTQ community has been another target of hate crimes.

In Rochester there has been people setting fire to rainbow flags .

The Gay Alliance Director of Rochester Scott Fearing says as a gay person it makes him feel more comfortable that the state has his back, but he still isn’t sure if the unit will help. 

“It’s always the issue of law versus reality,” said Fearing. “We know we have laws against murder, and drug dealing and speeding, but we all know that people…those things happen. And so does it make it us feel any calmer that there’s a law against murder or drug dealing or speeding. No, often times not.”

Just like Rabbi Drazen, Fearing also said that Cuomo’s actions are sending a message though that hate crimes are not welcome here and there will be consequences.

Last week, the governor launched a state-wide hotline for residents to report incidents of bias and discrimination.