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College Students Share Secrets To Paying For College

DJ places a record onto mixing table. (c) 2010 Creative Commons

College Students Share Their Secret to Paying For College

Some college students are using music as their avenue for paying their way through college.

By Zach Allen SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Paying for college continues to get harder and harder. Today, students are looking to music to help them afford their education.


“DJing is basically my substitute for a part-time job to pay for everything,” said Benji Sheinman, a student at Syracuse University. Sheinman has been drawn to music ever since five years ago when he went to the Ultra Music Festival in his hometown of Miami.


“It was almost like one person behind a bunch of decks was thinking for thousands of people,” Sheinman said. “He put them on the same level of either hyped, or just emotion in general and I loved seeing that so i took it upon myself to teach myself that.”


Sheinman can make a good amount of money in one night of being a DJ as he makes $200 for the first hour and roughly $50 every hour after that.


As much as music has been a great way for Sheinman to make money, it can easily turn into a passion as DJ Phillip Daniels believes.


“Hearing your music on a speaker and hearing people that go to the college really enjoying it and even rapping some of the lyrics was probably the best thing that happened,” Daniels said.


Both men have fallen in love with music and don’t plan on putting it aside after college. “I’ve played music my whole life,” Daniels said. “It’s something that’s just in me, so wherever it takes me it takes me.”


It may start as a way to make money, but music can easily turn into a life-long endeavor, like it did for Benji and Phillip.