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Syracuse Mother risks own health for Daughter

Windy Lawrence and her daughter are diagnosed with Lyme disease. Windy is doing everything she can so safe her daughter.

By Angelica Rodriguez SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News)– Parents would do anything for their children. Wendy Lawrence is a Syracuse mother fighting against her daughter’s Lyme disease diagnosis.

“I want to raise money or try to raise money to get her at least to the doctors,”  Lawrence said, “I’ve had a lot of life experiences and I don’t want her to not be able to hang of a monkey bar, to get into the balance beam, run and jump and flip.”

Lawrence and her six-year-old daughter, Isabella, are two of the 300 thousand people diagnosed with Lyme disease every year. Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease spread by ticks in the country. However, Lyme is a complex disease that can be very difficult to diagnose and it could be very costly.

“The Lyme literate doctors that we need don’t take health insurance,” Lawrence expressed, “I cannot get any more test or treatment unless I pay out of pocket.”

Lawrence got to know about her Lyme disease two years after presenting symptoms such as vertigo and extreme fatigue. She went to the emergency room a couple of times but the doctors said it was a bacterial disease.

“Not many people know what to look for that are not specially trained in Lyme,”  Lawrence recalled, “No one did the Lyme test [on me].”

After a couple of days, she found a red spot behind her knee and this turned into the clue for an official diagnosis.  Lawrence did the test and she got a positive result.

“I’m still going downhill,” Lawrence said, “I’ll be everything at one time and still take care of my little ones, I can’t do that anymore.”

Lawrence was afraid this happened to her kids, so she did the test on them. Isabella got positive results when she was eight months old. She is having problems with her reflexes and her mobility on the right side.

“Having this beautiful healthy baby when she was born to possible not be able to live her dreams,” Lawrence expressed referring to Isabella’s dream to become a ballerina.

Regardless of Isabella’s condition, her mom’s hopes to help her girl are high. Lawrence is selling self-made ornaments in her own Facebook page called “Project Pillowcase to fight Lyme Disease.”

Lawrence’s efforts have moved the hearts of many others. There is a GoFoundMe page for Isabella and there is a group of women who continuously work with Lawrence to spread the word about the importance of Lyme disease.

Martha Conan, Tracie Clark and Wendy Lawrence explain how the organization "Spirit of Hope United in Lyme" have helped them to spread the word about Lyme. They also comment on their Lyme Symptoms and challenges.

Isabella hugging her sister Anastasia who works in the Air Force.

Wendy takes a selfie with her little daughter Isabella