Tweeting Your Way to the Top: How Social Media Can Help Young Professionals

90% of 18-29 year-olds use social networking sites on a daily basis. (C) Kaitie Pearson 2016

Social Media: A Millennial's Professional Tool Box

Between tweeting, snaping, liking, and sharing; with social media there are infinite ways to communicate with people from all over the world. However these social networking sites can be used for much more than just sharing the most recent dog video.

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are the most likely to use social media with a Pew Research poll showing that 90% of them use social networking sites on a daily basis.

I check all of my social media outlets at least once every hour, I don’t know what I would do without it. – Jesse Shinebart (Junior, Syracuse University)

While they are the first generation to grow up as what experts call “digital natives” there is a lot that millennial’s don’t know about how these social networking sites can be used as tools to benefit their future careers. Director of Digital Training at the Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C. said that young people can use social media to stay informed about industry trends and to share knowledge that one has to build a better professional connection. She also said that it is not simply about using social media but using it in effective ways.

Organizations don’t hire someone to spend time on Facebook and Twitter just to have fun on Facebook and Twitter. They hire someone to use these sites to advance the organizations goals, to identify supporters, and share messaging. – Abigail Alger (Leadership Institute)

The director of career development for, Patricia Simpson said that one of the first thing prospective employers do when they get your job application is run a google search of you and 52% of employers use social networks to research job candidates. It is important to not put things on your social media accounts that could be seen as inappropriate for it can come back to harm you in the future.

Organizations and companies are making sure that their employees are not liabilities. And it is easier today to collect information about an individual than it ever has been. You are declaring a statement that you are going to have to answer to for the rest of your life because someone will be able to dig it up at some point. – Patricia Simpson (

However, it is not just about keeping bad content off of your profiles. A recent Career Builder survey showed that 40% of employers chose candidates who seemed well rounded and connected.

The important thing to remember is that with these sites we have countless opportunities to connect with others and because of it access to information is unparalleled.

We have this unprecedented amount of information and you can literally watch history unfolding live from the comfort of your mobile phone and it that doesn’t excite you please get excite because it’s a great time to live. – Abigail Alger