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Business Women’s Opinions on Trump

Many WomenTies members fear a Trump presidency for females in business. © 2016 Brittany Ehrlich


By Brittany Ehrlich SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —Many believe that Donald Trump’s presidency will be good for business, but bad for women. This has many women IN business unsure and worried about their future.

At a WomenTies event, women from across New York gathered and one big topic of discussion was equality.

Although there were mixed opinions in the room, a majority of members became angered when speaking about Trump and his upcoming presidency.

“He doesn’t like women even though he’s professed to like women and he’s done horrible things to women,” a member of WomenTies Bonnie Rozan said. “So who knows what we’re up against.”

Many also feared for how his presidency will affect women in the workplace and people in general.

“It will probably affect women in business the way it is affecting some of my friends in the finger lakes in the Southern Tier Area,” another member of WomenTies Kim Pandina said.  “They are being threatened in public, their children are afraid, they’re putting their kids to bed at night and they have to say its gonna be ok and they don’t think its going to be ok but they have to lie to their children.”

Gayle LaSalle is a member of the democratic committee in Saratoga and she is ready to put up a fight against Trump if he threatens women’s right. She said she won’t give up on everything she fought for in the 60s and everything fought for in the past ten years.

Michele Shauger was among those trying to stay positive and hopes that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, will have an influence on him.

“I think he’s pro business regardless of gender so my hope would be that he would stand behind women in business and support that flourishing,” Shauger said. “I think he stands behind getting women’s pay to be equal.”

WomenTies promotes female entrepreneurship and a support connection for women in the business industry. According to their website, “Women TIES exists to create strong economic “ties” between women across New York State to increase their business opportunities and give them ways to market their companies to gain exposure.”

The organization is based out of Syracuse and held an event to discuss equality and set their “bucketlist” of goals for the year.

The women met to discuss equality and set a "bucketlist" of goals. © 2016 Brittany Ehrlich