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Veterans Day May Help Reunite Country In Time Of Division

Students relax and do work in the lounge for active military members (c) 2016 Zach Allen.


Active military students share their thoughts on how Veterans Day could be exactly what this country needs right now.

By Zach Allen SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — America is very split and in need of unity after Tuesday’s election results. Veterans Day just might be the answer our country needs.


“Even before the elections, even before this season, I felt like our country was becoming very divided. And things like this remind us we are all Americans and that’s what is most important,” says Melissa Karnath, an active duty member in the military. Karnath is in Syracuse University’s Military Visual Journalism program.


As a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, Karnath takes great pride in this country. She used to often perform in the Marine Corps band and march in the Veterans Day Ceremony. She shares that pride with fellow student and military member Brian Brooks.


Brooks is an active member in the U.S. Navy and he says that it does not matter who won the election because the military is still going to stand strong for this country. “One thing that’s not going to change is the fact that the military is still going to be here to serve regardless of who the commander in chief is,” Brooks said. “We’re still going to be here to do our part, to help protect the freedoms that we do have.”


Brooks comes from a long line of family members who have served this country and so his pride and respect runs deep for Veterans Day. Brooks truly feels that Veterans Day will be a great way to look past the election of Donald Trump. “Put all that aside and go, ‘hey, we’re here, we’re one country, we’re in this together.’ Represent our veterans and service members for what they do, have done, and are still doing,” Brooks said.


Veterans Day is tomorrow and Syracuse University will be holding their ceremony at eleven o’clock tomorrow morning at Hendricks Chapel.