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CNY Business To Create Jobs And Operate Tax Free

Snow Dragon Corp. finds its home in the Syracuse Technology Garden, a place where many other businesses reside

Snow Dragon Corp.

New Business and New Jobs in CNY

By Jeddy Johnson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — A Central New York business joined a New York State program allowing them to operate tax-free for ten years. The Snow Dragon Corp. of Central New York will be joining 38 other companies in the Start-Up NY program.

Start-Up NY is a government ran program that allows new or expanding businesses to function tax-free for ten years in exchange for the creation of jobs, investments into New York State and a partnership with a college or University. Snow Dragon has committed to creating seven jobs, investing $80,000 into the Syracuse Technology Garden in which it is located, and has teamed up with SUNY Oswego.

Snow Dragon Corp. is the newly created U.S. branch of Tech Bridge International. The main branch is based in Beijing, China.

“It’s interesting and rather challenging to work with a business center who’s in Beijing while running a company here,” CEO of Snow Dragon Corp. Todd Sullivan said. “There’s enough business culture differences and differences in money management, but overall it’s been an interesting experience and quite a learning experience.”

Sullivan has been working with China for five years. Together, the two are working to create a hardware and software that scans and analyzes the vein structure in the human finger. Sullivan believes this technology will be more efficient than other finger scanners.

“The veins in your finger have a specific pattern, and even if you have an identical twin, your right index finger, between your veins and your joints, that finger will have a different pattern than your identical twin,” Sullivan said. “So this becomes an extremely good way to authenticate somebody.”

The Snow Dragon Corp. does not yet have a website, but is looking to hire electrical, mechanical, and software engineers.