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Syracuse’s DPW Installs New GPS Systems in Plows

Winter is right around the corner and Syracuse's Department of Public Works is making sure that everything is ready when snow hits town. This year the DPW is upgrading its technology to provide a better service. (c) 2016 Isabel Sanchez

By Isabel Sanchez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse’s Department of Public Work (DPW) recently installed a GPS system in all its vehicles. This will allow them to keep track of the plows and trucks to provide a better service to the community.

The system will provide information including:

  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Exact location
  • If the plow is up or down
  • If the vehicle is salting the road or not.

This is not your typical GPS. The system is installed in different areas of the truck to ensure the accuracy of the information. The data will help the DPW to provide better service to Syracuse’s residents.  Commissioner Pete O’Connor said one of the most common claims they received is about when would the plow machines will go by certain streets.

“We would be able to look at the GPS and say how much more work they have on a route, and where are they going to go next. That way we can provide a time estimate to the residents,” O’Connor said.

Although winter isn’t here yet, the DPW is ready to go now

“We take a lot of pride in what we do… There’re people here that have worked for 25, 30 years… They know what they are doing. We are definitely ready for winter,” O’Connor said.

Syracuse’s hills can be a dangerous place for drivers if the plowing it’s not made properly and on time.

“Sometimes people say we don’t spend enough time on side roads. But the main roads are fundamental for the city to function. If we don’t pay attention to the main roads that would create a safety hazard for everyone” O’Connor said.

The DPW is working on keeping its fleet functional year round with trucks that can be used year round. This year they added four new trucks that have been used for debris recollection and now are being transformed to work as snowplows.

If you want to learn more about the services provided by the Department of Public Works click here.


Syracuse's DPW takes a lot of pride on its job. (c) 2016 Isabel Sanchez

The DPW also added 4 new trucks to its fleet. The trucks can be used year round . (c) 2016 Isabel Sanchez