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Students Peacefully Protest President Elect Trump

Brooke Glatz reports on students protesting the Trump Election for NCC News.

By Brooke Glatz SYRACUSE, N.Y.¬†(NCC News) — Syracuse University students gathered to peacefully protest President Elect Donald Trump after his victory last night in the 2016 presidential election.

Visual and performing arts students of all backgrounds rallied together to show their disapproval of the results of the previous night’s election and offer support to other students who may be having a difficult time with the outcome. With signs held high marked with words of love, inclusivity, and acceptance, the group offered hugs and sang songs to people passing by.

Most of the people who passed the gatherers were accepting and even supportive of the cause that these protesters stood for. One man shouted profanity and made remarks about Trump’s win to which the group responded that the university does not tolerate hate talk.

The protest was organized by a student, John Cleland, who promoted the event on social media to spread awareness. After the demonstration on the quad, the group mobilized to settle on the promenade in front of the Schine Student Center.

Members of the protest said that they will continue these actions now that Trump has won the election to support the minority groups to which many of them belong that Trump has spoken out very vocally about.

Syracuse University students gather to protest the results of the Trump Election and offer support to people on campus.