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Local LGBT Community Member Worried About Election Result

Being in the LGBT community is never easy, and some fear it will get worse with the election of Donald Trump. One member of the local community said while he has fear of the unknown of Trump's policies, that's not his biggest concern. (c) 2016 Dan Silverman

By Dan Silverman SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — As an openly gay student at Syracuse University, Matt Gehring is worried about how the results of this year’s Presidential election will affect him. His first reaction to Trump winning was fear of the unknown, and while he’s worried about Trump’s policies, it’s the culture he believes Trump’s presidency will create that concerns him most.

“I think I’ve already seen it,” Gehring said. “I think we’ve seen it throughout the campaign, the kind of hatred and discrimination that’s come from his supporters. We’ve seen it on social media, we’ve seen it play out at his rallies.”

This culture is nothing new to Gehring and the rest of the LGBT community, to the extent where he and the community are not surprised.

“We knew this culture existed,” he said. “We’ve seen it with our own eyes, we’ve heard it. And in some ways, this is just a validation of what we felt for so long, to the point where we ready.”

Culture isn’t Gehring’s only concern. He is also worried the Supreme Court will become radically conservative which could affect a few important cases including abortion, voting rights and marriage equality, the last of which is of particular concern to him.

“Marriage equality is not a federal law in the United States, all it is is a Supreme Court decision that with one more could be very easily overruled,” he said.

Despite those concerns, Gehring said he is more worried about others than himself.

“I fear for LGBT Muslims and Mexicans who are at the intersection of multiple oppressions and are going to have a really rough next four years.”

Gehring is also very outspoken on social media.

“I tweeted this hashtag just because it popped in my head, #NotMyPresident,” he said. “I went and searched and there were a few other people using it every five minutes or so. Right now it’s the number one trending topic on Twitter, which means all the Trump supporters have found it, found all my Tweets, told me that I’m a sore loser, a crybaby. I tweeted something about the example Donald Trump is setting for our children, and I got multiple ‘well you don’t have children’ comments.”

For better or for worse, Gehring is no stranger to criticism.

“But that’s typical and I’m used to it,” he said. “I’m numb to it.”